Back from the Book Expo in an absolutely sweltering New York, but hey, we go so you don’t have too. Sadly there was no sign of either Scriptorium or Moliero, both of whom had been listed as attending from an out of date list. However we did catch up with the charming Giorgio Armaroli from Scripta Maneant, who was showing their facsimile of the British Library’s Pslater of Robert de L’Isle.


Containing two of the masterpieces of the fourteenth century, the 39 pages of the Psalter are lavishly embellished with gold and of the 450 copies being made, 40 will be completed in 22 carat gold tooling. The results are well worth the wait and the book was getting a lot of attention at the show. Our photos weren’t taken under the best of conditions, but they do show something of the impact the book has. The facsimile comes complete with a companion volume and is packaged in a Perspex box for more information visit Scripta Maneant