Extraordinary Editions

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The smaller maps are reproduced within the book. They include the campaign maps and battle plans published by Jones and Mudford.

The larger maps comprising all 8 of Siborne’s famous anaglyptographs  will be folded and presented within a separate portfolio. This has enabled us to recreate them full size and to preserve the three dimensional effect created by their exceptionally fine engraving. This can be seen to best effect when a light source is placed at the centre of the top of the maps and a little experimentation will reward the reader with a stunning image of the topography.

Siborne’s maps include two each of:

Quatre Bras [3pm & 9pm],

Ligny [2.30pm & 8.30pm],

Waterloo [11.30pm & 8.30pm]

and Wavre 18th & 19th].

All the maps and images have been scanned or photographed using ultra high-resolution equipment to enable the printer to recreate them in stunning clarity. The text will be printed on a specially made acid free archival quality paper and the maps and tipped in illustrations will be printed on a similar but heavier stock to ensure their longevity.

Waterloo- tipped in map

Waterloo- the map portfolio

Waterloo - Siborne's analyptographs