Extraordinary Editions

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To create this new edition of the King's Survey each copy was laid flat and each individual page was filmed using a large-format digital camera at a resolution of over 80 million pixels. The resulting digital files were then carefully manipulated and resized, so that the images, which had come from three different sources, now looked as if there were all from the same book.

The book was printed on specialist archive-quality, acid-free paper, with the foldouts on a heavier stock. This enabled our printer to recreate the original images in all their detail and with stunning clarity. Each volume was then quarter-bound by hand in top-grade leather and finished with a handmade marbled paper, created especially for this edition and which are a different colour for each of the four different versions.

Each finished book measures approximately 21" high x 15" wide and over 2” deep and includes some 38 reproductions of Thomas Phillips’ watercolour illustrations, which fold out from twice page size to over three and a half page size, an impressive 51”.


edge detail from of the King's Survey of the Channel Islands