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The Story of 1.33

The story of Royal Armouries manuscript 1.33 is remarkable.

The earliest reference to the manuscript is in a pamphlet by one von Gunterrodt entitled De veris principiis artis dimicatoridae [On the True Foundations of the Art of Combat] published in 1579. He recognised the text as an uniquely ancient source and gave some insight into its history.

" I came upon this book through Johannes Herbart of Wurzburg...he said he had found it in a Franconian monestry under the Margrave Albert."

The Margrave Albert is the Hohenzzollern Margrave Albrecht Alcibaiades who spent the mid sixteenth century on a campaign of violence in Franconia. Herbart most likely acquired the book while sacking a monastry.

The manuscript passed through several hands and then to the Dukes of Saxe-Gotha.It appears in descriptions of the Ducal holdings in the 18th,19th and 20th centuries before disappearing during the Second World War. it resurfaced at auction in 1950 when it was purchased by the Royal Armouries.



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