Extraordinary Editions

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The Contents of the manuscript

The manuscript comprises 32 parchment leaves of approximately 30 x 23 cm each richly illustrated, depicting a priest instructing a scholar and describing with text and verse a system of combat with the sword and buckler [a small round shield]. Beginning with a few remarks on the art and illustrations of the seven basic guards it then proceeds to depict some thirty eight combat sequences.

The text is in Latin with some technical terms in German. The commentaries describe the action, discuss alternative options and offer general pointers to the budding swordsman. In fact there are more than thirty eight sequences as the alternative moves in the text expand the range of many of the set pieces.

The illustrations are undoubtedly the most attractive feature of the manuscript, each offers a step by step account of the unfolding of each encounter, clearly great care has gone into producing them and they strive and often succeed in illustrating the actual motion of the body in combat.

There are at least four hands at work in the manuscript and Dr Forgeng's research identifies and separates them. It has also had notes and annotations added over the years, by Herbart and by his fencing pupil Frederick William the Administrator.

At some point a coal from the fire has been allowed to burn a hole in the early pages and the damaged has been repaired. Later on some of the figures have had their outlines redrawn in a heavier ink and at some point in its history a child has attempted to colour in some of the shields and even add moustaches to some figures.

All this patina and information has remained untouched during the restoration and has been reproduced in stunning detail in the facsimile.