Extraordinary Editions

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Dr Helen Brock has created a fascinating work, scouring the literature to produce a comprehensive account of the history and cultivation of the Guernsey lilly, which will delight all lovers of the lily and which brings the original treatise up to date.

She examines the plant's early history, its arrival in Europe and especially into Guernsey, its genus and notable characteristics and its culture, as well as its botanical history and all the key figures in its history. To do so she has used a similar series of chapters to Douglas' original work in a conscious echo of his work.

A keen scholar of the great Scottish doctor William Hunter, one of the great collectors of his age, Dr Brock had access to Hunter’s papers which contain a large collection of Douglas’s own papers, including a large number of records of Douglas’s observations on the Guernsey Lilly and these amplify his published work on the plant.