Extraordinary Editions

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This edition began life in the early 1990’s nearly a quarter of a century ago

Dr Helen Brock having completed a paper on the Guernsey lily, submitted it to her publisher, whose editor suggested a facsimile copy of Douglas’s original manuscript be published alongside it.

Rosemary de Sausmarez who had helped Dr Brock’s researches lent her family's excellent 1737 copy of Douglas’s Guernsey Lilly to the project.

Sadly the publisher, Leslie Hewitt, was taken ill and although the work continued and was proofed and printed, it was never finally published, languishing unbound for nearly 20 years.

The Clear Vue Publishing Partnership were delighted to be able to resurrect the project and Extraordinary Editions can now offer a limited edition of just 185 copies, to be sold strictly on a first come first served basis.

Clear Vue were also pleased to be able to dedicate the book to the memory of the three driving forces behind its production, none of whom lived to see its completion, Rosemary de Sausmarez, Helen Brock and Leslie Hewitt.