Extraordinary Editions

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The Contents of the SAS War Diary 2011

Each copy of the SAS War Diary 1941-1945 replicates the original Diary, but with one important difference.  When the soldier collated his Diary in 1946, he used the first 281 pages to record the history of 1 SAS, and for some reason, perhaps aware there was another mission that might follow his; he retained the remaining pages but left them blank.

In the published editions, these pages are filled with specially cleared material from The Association’s own highly confidential archives to include the history of 2 SAS and an abridged history of the wartime SBS.  This completes the mission the soldier began at war’s end, and gives for the first time ever the full picture of the SAS in World War 2.

The SAS WAR DIARY is a unique collection of material.  The Diary is the only place where much of it exists. The stories that it tells are remarkable.  It is the only place where they come together to tell the full history of the birth of the SAS and the full scope of its World War 2 operations.


At the time, most of these documents were Top Secret - they include:


The actual order authorising the first ever SAS operation.


Operational reports including:


      - L Detachment SAS through the Western Desert


      - David Stirling’s capture


      - SRS operations in Sicily and Italy


      - 1 SAS in France for D Day, NW Europe and Germany


      - 2 SAS operations in Sicily, Italy, France for D Day


      - Northern Italy post-D Day.


Over 25 maps and 300 photographs, many of them taken on operations and behind-the-lines.


David Stirling’s personal confidential memorandum on how he created the SAS.


Secret correspondence discussing the future of Special Forces in the Middle East.


Top Secret correspondence between Stirling and Prime Minister Winston Churchill on the future and importance of the SAS.


The order assigning SAS regimental status.