Extraordinary Editions

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Per Sanguinem Nostrum

Extraordinary Editions present one of the most unusual books we have come across in recent years.

Beautifully created by New Zealand surgeon William S. Peters MbChB MD, Per Sanginem Nostrum is entirely made by hand, plate by plate and page by page, it is absolutely stunning.

 ‘Per Sanguinem Nostrum” details the physical mechanism and geomterical transformation of the one-way closed circulation of blood, from a single-looped to a double-looped blood circuit. It outlines justifications for this quantum switch model from fish to man based on tracking extant embryology, anatomy and morphology.

The model fits the principles of Leonardo da Vincis ‘Vitruvian man’, and invites new imaginings of his concept of cosmographia del minor mondo - that the workings of the universe might be reflected in the internal working of human beings.

Extraordinary Editions