Extraordinary Editions

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This charming and romantic book has been saved by the bookseller Robert Temple. There are only three known original copies and when Robert acquired one he was instantly smitten with the work and resolved to reproduce in in a first class facsimile. We are delighted to have been able to help him and to have be able to present it to our customers.

Published in a limited edition of just 30 copies - Four bound in Vellum £900 and 26 [lettered A-Z]  Quarter bound in black calf £550

This romantic, calligraphic narrative poem set on the Hebridean island of Ulva is magnificently rendered in aquatint

As recorded on the Dedication leaf, the volume was written and illustrated by Alfred MacDonald as a gift to his wife for Christmas 1902. It was more than simply a Christmas present, however: for he was dying. He must from the start have reckoned it a memento, rather than just a token of his love. He did not survive long into the coming year.

The book is a Roy. Folio in half sheets [18 x 13 inches] consisting of a decorated dedication leaf, title leaf, 19 leaves printed on both sides, each of them bearing calligraphic text and two detailed and beautifully finished illustrations, together with a colophone leaf describing how the book was originally produced, and the limitation notice.

The original edition consisted of 3 to 6 copies, only 3 of which are currently traceable, and none of them in institutions. Quintessentially an artists book it is otherwise unpublished.

This facsimile is printed on an acid free archival quality paper at Pureprint and bound by Grays Bookbinders.

Extraordinary Editions