Bazaar is a book large in format, noisy in colour, and crowded with textures and patterns. It contains a collection of observations on the experiences of visiting these chaotic, vibrant and expressive places, together with a series of eight original prints.


 The wanderings are set out in sections devoted to different subjects, among which are food and flowers, spices, personalities and a section on temple memorabilia. There are crabs with electric blue legs in Alexandria, spare teeth in Marrakesh, marigolds in Mysore, woven beds in Jaipur and cheroot-smoking ladies somewhere near Pindaya in Burma.


 The words and images are taken from writings and drawings and photographs made in the various locations. The text is designed and laid out simply and spaciously. It is printed letterpress in Optima – Roman and Italic – with titles in 36 point Roman Open, on 200gsm. Zerkall paper using colours that integrate with the prints.


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