Extraordinary Edition’s RAF Centenary Anthology is nearing completion. Teams at both RAF Hendon and the Air Historical Branch have sifted through over 10,000 documents in the process of selecting the material that will bring to life the story of the whole 100 years of RAF history.


All the chosen documents, maps, photographs and ephemera have now been scanned and each of the 700 or so pages have been laid out by the designer, the final captions and corrections are being made at the moment.


The finished book will be printed at the end of February,  and as each subscriber is listed in the front of the book we have to close the subscriber lists on February 28th.


Once the book is published it will retail at the full price of £975 for the Centenary Edition and £1995 for the Signed Editions.


 Subscribers, if they hurry can still get the subscriber discounts with the Centenary Edition costing £750 and the Signed Editions £1450 a saving of over 25%


 The RAF Centenary Anthology will be published in a limited edition of 1250 copies quarter bound, by hand, in leather, in addition there will be 250 of the Signed Editions, fully bound in leather of which nearly half are already sold. The Anthology designed to be the ultimate celebration and commemoration of the last 100 years and to last for 100’s of years to come.


TO SUBCRIBE email:  Or call:  020-7267-4547