Extraordinary Editions

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Commissioned by the Commanding Officer of the German Garrison Lieutenant-General Graf von Schmettow and completed in 1944 Festung Guernsey is part historical record and part operating manual. It is also a unique insight into the mindset of the occupying forces.

 Lieutenant Colonel Hubner was charged with making a record of the immense fortifications. His team was drawn from the Divisionskartenstelle, the Divisional Cartographic Section, with some fourteen non-commissioned officers working across: drawing, photography, cartography, calligraphy and printing. The result is a stunning and comprehensive picture of the fortifications and a complete guide to their workings.

 Festung Guernsey consists of 22 chapters and was originally published as a limited edition of 135, two-volume sets, bound in leather. The original work, being made by hand was only printed on the right hand pages, this meant a full translation could be provided on the left hand page, while retaining the original layout.