Extraordinary Editions

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The exemplary edition of the Atlas consists of two fully leather bound volumes, each measuring 13 x 11 inches [335 x 300mm] and together weighing over 13kg.

Between the two books there are 646 pages of maps and what makes this atlas so special is that it sets the railways of Britain against an OS grid, with each line superimposed in colour over an OS map of one inch to the mile.

We have all glimpsed a disused station or yard as we hurtle past and perhaps wondered what the line was; this atlas will answer all those questions and more.

In addition the atlas contains the names of the companies that built the lines and the opening and closing dates of the stations. The appendices also contain a full listing of every station and junction featured and there are a series of railway company family trees, showing the smaller concerns which were amalgamated into the larger pregroupings.

If you are a railway enthusiast the atlas is a must have, which will provide many hours of enjoyment, planning and speculation.

Extraordinary Editions