Extraordinary Editions

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Extraordinary Editions create handmade limited edition books, employing leading artists and craftsmen.

We use only the finest materials to create extraordinary books for collectors, investors and bibliophiles worldwide.

We also run a bespoke book design consultancy.

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Amongst others you'll see our Waterloo commemorative anthology which is shortlisted for several awards.

“Waterloo is quite simply one of the best books I have ever seen, the printing and binding were exceptional – stunning.” Printweek Awards.

"Just had to dash off a quick e-mail to say your wonderful production arrived 30 minutes ago and I am bowled over by the quality of production and presentation of the volumes and box which I am still gaping at.

Congratulations on achieving a real milestone in publishing on the Battle of Waterloo. This really does stand head and shoulders above all the Waterloo titles that are being published at the moment. from any number of publishers. 

I shall value and treasure your magnificent work."

" I can't find the exact words to express my congratulations. It's really an amazing work "

" It is a great and beautiful piece of work "

" it really is an extraordinary job that you guys have done putting this together, just top notch "

"I have to say the Originals is outstanding and looks fantastic"

"An impressive volume and one to treasure. Congratulations on delivering something extra special"

"The Diary is excellent and to own a copy signed by Mike Sadler is incredible"


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